When Does Fortnite Next Season Finally Start And Season 2 End?

I am pretty certain Chapter two, Season 1 lasted for Many decades (notice: It really ran for many months from October 15th, 2019 before February 19th, 2020–a total of 128 days, also by far the longest of any Fortnite year ). Whatever the case, it ran for quite a while and Chapter 2, Season 2 was going for quite a while too, however there were extenuating circumstances.

Chapter 2, Season 2 started on February 20th, the day following Season 1 finished. I must say, it has been my favourite season up to now concerning the Fight Pass and spy game’s theme. Bosses and Even the AI Henchman, the spy bases and safe houses, and also the factions all have been fantastic additions to this game.

And while we have had the interesting Operations manners, we have not seen the yield of manners such as Trios or Food Fight or Disco Domination in… ages.

When does Season 3 start? Well, after not one but 2 flaws from The season, an April will land on June 17th. That is next Wednesday, only 1 week from now. It should go after an upgrade that will observe the game’s servers go offline.

 The event is only going to occur at approximately 11 am PT / 2 pm ET.

All escapes hints and evidence points to a more Map for Season 3. There will be sharksas enemies or vehicles or both. There Also Have been whispers of an Aquaman skin Year’s skin that is Deadpool. We’ll learn more next week.

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