Twitter Is Working To Bring Back Verification

Twitter is working on a Brand New system for verifying users, as per a tweet By sleuth Jane Manchun Wong and engineer. She found a”request confirmation” area in the Twitter app in the”private information” section of the app’s settings.

Twitter affirmed the tweet of Wong but declined to comment further. The Organization’s help page Nevertheless, says its verified account program is on hold, and”we are not accepting any new requests at this moment,” however. So it’s not apparent exactly what the new procedure may entail or when verification may reopen to users.

Twitter used to add a check that is blue next to the titles of Accounts it had confirmed as accurate, and that was “of interest.” Though Twitter initially said that a badge didn’t imply an official endorsement, it has confessed that there was some confusion over the purpose of the badge and what it represents.

Twitter said in 2018 it didn’t have the bandwidth To continue work on the verification system and somewhat shifted focus To election integrity.

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