An Odd Twitch Category is Seeing a Massive Popularity Spike

An Odd Twitch Category is Seeing a Massive Popularity Spike

An Odd Twitch Category is Seeing a Massive Popularity Spike

An Odd Twitch Category sees a Massive Popularity Spike

Within the last couple of weeks, several games have been competing to be the most-viewed on Twitch. Even though Twitch’s Just Chatting class remains its main attraction, the upcoming few places have steered through games like League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto 5, Rust, and Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto 5 and Rust have seen spikes in popularity due to popular streamers engaging in roleplay servers such as the NoPixel server at Grand Theft Auto 5 or the OfflineTV host in Rust. But another Twitch class has witnessed a huge spike in viewpoints, and it is due in part to some Netflix mini-series published last year.

Back in October 2020, Netflix published a seven-episode mini-series named The Queen’s Gambit. The Queen’s Gambit follows Beth, a young chess prodigy who has to overcome addiction and sexism to turn into among the greatest Chess players that the world has ever seen. The literary series relies on Walter Tevis’ 1983 publication of the identical name and contains some wonderful acting, writing, and cinematography. The series’s true and frequently loving depiction of Chess has triggered a resurgence of interest in the game, which has happened on Twitch.

Based on StreamElements, a company that provides services and tools to streamers on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, Twitch’s Chess class attained an all-time full of 21 million hours saw throughout February 2021. In February 2020, the Chess group amounts were considerably reduced, with approximately 1 million hours saw. StreamElements files that Chess viewership figures plummeted following The Queen’s Gambit’s premiere and have amazingly continued to scale.

Even though many popular Chess streamers, possibly the most noteworthy is Hikaru”GMHikaru” Nakamura. GMHikaru is a chess prodigy who at one stage held the name for its youngest Chess Grandmaster in 15 years old. So much in March, GMHikaru has racked up nearly 4 million viewers hours because of his flows, which frequently involve him commenting on famous Chess games or playing online Chess. GMHikaru also has a YouTube station, and he played hot YouTuber Mr. Beast and defeated him with less than half of his bits.

In the time of writing, Chess is now ranked #24 in hours saw on Twitch with 3.75 million hours, departure other popular games around the stage such as One of Us and Valheim. Valheim sold 3 million copies 17 times after it was established a month and has rapidly become popular on Twitch; therefore, besting the survival sandbox match in viewpoints is not a simple feat. Chess could observe a quick decline in viewership as 2021 continues, but using streamers such as GMHikaru earning such a massive crowd, it might be time for its centuries-old game to turn into a regular one of the top classes on Twitch.

An Odd Twitch Category is Seeing a Massive Popularity Spike
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